RPA Implementation Across the Industries

Robotics Process Automation in Banks

RPA Implementation in the finance sector helps banks to considerably reduce real human involvement in routine tasks. RPA ensures efficiency of operational processes, cost reduction and compliance with regulatory requirements in bank organizations. Today most of the banks utilize RPA mainly for optimizing below listed processes like:

– Opening accounts for the legal entities
– Bankruptcy check
– Received claim check verification
– Distribution of the incoming inquiry
– Handling the audit inquiries
– Processing Centralized Online Real-time Exchange operations

Robotics Process Automation in Retail

RPA effectively helps to keep count of clients in various systems, and allows process modification management. Robots provide synchronization of the information in CRM 24/7. Possible RPA application in the retail:

– Short supply fining
– Employees’ holiday leave planning
– Employees’ salary/hourly rate amendment
– Employees dismissal

RPA in Telecom

Telecommunication providers are dealing with big amounts of data. They use RPA to reduce costs, improve data quality, increase the level of customer care and considerably develop operational efficiency. RPA introduction in this industry could help solve such issues as:

– Billing statement posting
– Subscriber date transfer
– Automatic documentation filling in RPA in Manufacturing

A lot of manufacturing companies are implementing RPA for efficient integration provision and systematical interaction. This helps to link current business-processes and achieve new level of effectiveness, which lead to saving around 5-20% of funds. Examples of such processes:

Recruitment and employee card creation:

– Holiday leave management based on holiday schedule
– Fired employees’ data transfer
– Source documents archive
– Customs declaration management

To learn more about RPA functioning across different industries you can join us at the Global Smart Automation Summit on February 7-8, 2019 in Berlin. There you will be able to network with top industry experts and learn more about RPA implementation in different companies.