Robotics Process Automation Global Market to reach $5,1 billion dollar by 2025

According to the recent research conducted by Tractica, the RPA market will rapidly increase from $151 million (2016) to approximately $5,1 billion by 2025.

The key industries contributing to such growth will be finances and banking sector, communal and telecommunications sphere, retail, commerce, healthcare and insurance.

The fastest developing market for RPA solutions, throughout the projected period, is set to take place in Europe. However, Asia-Pacific, as well as North American regions will not fall far behind the Europe.

Tractica has also found that RPA will also be discovered in such scenarios as background processes in accounting, billing management, support and automated management of customer services.

Robotics Process Automation – is a contemporary technology, based on utilization of programmed robots and artificial intelligence for business processes automation.

Compared to the traditional approaches towards programming, based API interfaces, RPA solutions work bypassing those. Programmed robots are set for execution of the specific tasks, using the learning mechanics and normal humans’ action imitation. Therefore, such robots are not programmed with the help of code or specific instructions.

One of the great advantages of RPA is its ability to create virtual employees for the routine tasks’ performance, in such way leading the real-life employees to more complex business tasks.

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Here are some of the registered companies: Achema, AIG, MSIG, Zurich, JuraSolutions, UnipolSai, Coya AG, ComplyCloud, Direct Line Group, Ergo, Pukka Insurance, and others.