Offices of the Future – Trends and Technology

Offices of the Future – Trends and Technology

There was a time when all what interior office design meant consisted of indoor plants, grey carpet, and gloomy workplaces. But after the dot-com boom, media began reporting the stories about playgrounds in Silicon Valley, where employees were having meetings in the cable cars and playing golf the whole day on the rooftop of the office. Most of the companies these days are striving to reach the balance between the two above-mentioned extremes.

As the offices become our 2nd home and the work is integrated into our lifestyle, it is necessary to understand the conditions where the employees will be more productive and efficient, while enjoying the time at their workspace. Let’s review some companies that are able to apply the best techniques and technology to their workspace.

Health issue in Future Workspaces

The recent research that has been conducted in USA, has shown that by the year 2030 – 86% of the adult population will be struggling with obesity which is a result of the lifestyle, which is tightly connected to the work desk.Employees’ health is a time bomb, which is necessary to neutralize, before it blows off. The sports equipment production company Technogym was able to quickly react to this phenomenon and come up with the project called “wellness campus”, where all employees have an access to the free lessons of tai-chi, basketball courts, and consultations with health experts. Their physical activity is regulated in the “wellness cloud”, and the most active members will be rewarded. Currently Technogym is consulting more than 6000 companies (including Google and Merrill Lynch), based on the success of their wellness programs.

Mood and Attitude

Architects, designers and dietologists are still developing new ways of increasing the level of emotionally positive state. It was revealed that the lightning plays a key role in this part. According to the workspace design experts from NoC, the productivity could grow by 20% and the quantity of absenteeism will drop down by 15% with the optimal lightening.The University of Exter has recently found that the access to the nature can increase the level of emotional well-being amongst the employees by 47%. Amazon with the help of NBBJ has decided to locate their new head-quarters in the center of Seattle, and according to the idea, the building will be formed as three giant geodesic domes, where 1800 employees will enjoy their workplaces among the trees, flowers, and meadows.


Office design could be highly inefficient, due to the high concern of the outer appearance of the building rather than people working in it. The architect, Carlo Ratti, in corporation with Angelli fond in Turin, has launched the project Office 3.0, where he uses sensor networks to juxtapose the workplaces of employees before automatically setting up the heating, lightning and other aspects of the office environment, such as sound or even smell. As a result, there is an “ecological cocoon” around each employees’ workspace, which could be set according to his/her personal needs and wants.Another innovative project in the sphere of office spaces by the designer Konstantin Grcic, called Hack – the system fully consists of mobile and adaptable office furniture, which is mainly used within the start-up community.

Leisure workspaces

The recent questionnaire by Gallup has shown that 13% of the employees don’t enjoy their work. Moreover, companies where workers are not united by one idea, are frequently facing the staff turnover. When it comes to the leisure, it is all about truly comprehending what your employees need and then giving the access to it in the informal atmosphere.

Some co-working spaces, like Second Home and NeueHouse, have found the solution to this problem. Those spaces now offer almost everything, starting from the woodworking classes and finishing with wine degustation. Of course, those events are organized during the non-working hours, but good employer understand that the concept of both, business and leisure is changing rapidly, so does their approach towards employee satisfaction and efficiency.

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