Future Office with workspace Innovations

Window Display

Windows will be substituted by the displays that look like actual transparent windows when off. When turned on, the display tuns into black and could present any kind of visual content. Such innovation could be beneficial in two ways. First, it is handy in use during presentations, meetings and negotiations, where different visual material is being utilized frequently. Secondly, display windows could be used as a platform for creating a special atmosphere in your workspace. For example, if the gloomy whether affects your productivity you can easily set the picture of the beautiful landscape.

Badge to Save the Day

These special badges will be able to track down the emotional state of the employees: built-in microphone controls tone, volume and speech speed. The program will analyze the data and evaluate the situation in the office: how willingly and friendly are colleagues towards each other and if there is any tension between them. Moreover, the badges will become identification document: it will give the possibility to open safe, for example, or enter the space with the limited access and so on.

Computers Connecting People

Futurologist are forecasting the appearance of another type of office programs – project management planner. Such application will be up-to-date on the tasks dedicated to each employee. At any point the employee can use the program to find help like: who from his colleagues will be able to advise him or her on the specific stage of the job. As well as, the management will be able to estimate the stage and the progress of different projects.

Robots Instead of People

Robots will join offices to solve routine tasks. Paper correspondence and other small objects could be sent to each other via drones. The security will be under the control of cyber-security programs, which will report suspicious actions. Even the possibility to work from home while being in the office will be more real with the help of telepresence robots: mobile stations, equipped with the camera and monitor.

Some of these might sound surreal even for the today’s digitally developing world, but you have a chance to learn more about the technology in the workspace that is already successfully implemented amongst the big corporation. Just join us at the “Next Generation Workspaces Conference” scheduled on February 21 -22th 2019 in Berlin, Germany and learn from the experts how to make your workspace more comfortable and efficient for the employees.

Join 80 senior-executives leaders form AECOM, KLM, Nestle, EDF Energy, Porsche and other top companies to discuss about:

Creating a Culture of a Lifelong Learning & DevelopmentDigital Transformation of Future WorkplacesEncouraging More Human Interaction in the Digital Age