Chatbots in the Insurance Claims

One of the main goals for every insurance company is to make customer experience as easy and efficient as possible, thus establishing customer retention and satisfaction. The aim here is to facilitate the bureaucratic processes in claims, especially with the means of the digital innovations coming our way.

Chatbots implementation in day-to-day company operations can be found in many industries these days and according to Grand View Research 2018 report, the global chatbot market is expected to reach $1.25 billion by 2025. You can notice how many companies are shifting to AI bots to increase the quality of customer service care. Insurance industry is no exception. Instead of leaving the client with the long forms to fill, chatbots can bring this to the more personalized approach, where the issue is being discovered via conversational way any time any day.

From the organizational point of view, chatbots can process a claim without the intervention of specialist; thus facilitating operational cost-reduction company initiatives. Chatbots could be easily set up to process a claim, verify necessary details, and update the system all by themselves. Which means, in case of implementation of such systems, companies can redirect the real-life employees to more complex business tasks.

This is no longer an outlook on future concepts; majority of insurance providers familiarize themselves with the chatbots and its relevant use cases for this vertical. You can find such companies and learn more about chatbots in the claims sector by joining us at the 2nd Annual Insurance Claims Innovation Conference 2018 on November 22-23 in Frankfurt, Germany.