About UUMG Group

UMG Group is a team of professionals united with a simple goal –

to deliver reliable business intelligence and growth opportunities for businesses it serves through events, market reports and 1-1 meetings. Our ultimate purpose is to inspire people to look for the best in themselves and make them self-sufficient by empowering them with the right knowledge and connections. We execute towards this vision across several industries using different mediums; live & online. Our live medium is events of various sizes, ranging from closed-door B2B Executive Meetings to Trade Shows. Our online services include free webinars, digital conferences, podcasts, whitepapers, case studies, news articles

  • What we do Ulead Media Group
    What we do
    We equip clients and partners with reliable information and valuable connections through Conferences, Summits & Expos, Conventions, Workshops, Seminars and Trainings.
  • Ulead Media Group - about
    How we do
    Our team conducts exhaustive market research in coup with industry thought leaders to then deliver this to our clients via our curated events or comprehensive reports.
  • Why we do - Ulead Media Group
    Why we do
    Our core belief is that life is dynamic and fast-paced; when people connect with one another, share experiences and expand their horizon we contribute to the general well-being of the industries we serve.

Our Core values

  • Insights that Spark - ulead Media group
    Insights that Spark
    We make you develop new ideas and perspectives by maintaining highest standards of quality in research and market analysis.
  • Connections - Ulead Media group
    Connections that Matter
    Whether at our live events or in online communities our goal is to empower our clients with networking that moves you forward.
  • Success that Counts - Uelad Media Group
    Success that Counts
    We believe real power comes with the amount of oversight one has over his life. We work day-to-day to provide you with resources that make you attain that power.

Our Ulead Team

Our company's leaders decide what Ulead is about, what direction we want to go, and how we get there.

  • CEO - Eynar Isayev, Ulead Media Group
    Eynar Isaev
  • Ilya Nejdanov Ulead Media Group
    Ilya Nejdanov
  • Vitalii Nestryzeko - Ulead Media Group
    Vitalii Nestryzhenko

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