5G Technology in Business

5G is the fifth generation of cellular phones. It replaces 4G (LTE / WiMax), 3G (UMTS) and 2G (GSM) systems. The 5G performance is aimed at high speed data transfer, delay reduction, energy saving, low cost, high bandwidth, and wide-access devices. The first phase of Release 5G of Release-15 is scheduled to be completed in March 2019.

Therefore, world leading companies such as HUAWEI, Bosch, 5G-PPP, ThreeUK, Orange and many others will gather on 2-3rd of May, 2019 at “5G Congress”, in Hamburg, Germany.

The last stage of the 16th phase will be terminated to deliver to ITU in March 2020 in order to nominate IMT-2020 technology.

Since 5G is widely used in the near future, 5G brings significant advancement in fixed radio and fixed cable communication services. The market can expect that the release of 5G will be slow and stable, but we do not know well whether the system is wired or wireless. Experts believe that 5G technology will be mainly adopted by wireless communication service providers. In recent years, they have observed the greatest technological progress in world history.

Benefits of 5G Technology

More than 80% of all executives believe that 5G technologies will have positive effects on multiple areas of their business. The areas where they’re most bullish about the benefits of 5G: customer experience, service/ product quality and worker productivity. – (Moreno, H., Nov. 2016)

The global economic contribution of 5G companies will leverage 5G technology to increase sales by improving efficiency, acquiring existing and new customers, and launching new business models. As described in “5G Technology and Use Case”, the 5G economy is characterized by ongoing efforts to strengthen infrastructure and technology infrastructure in the early stages, deepening the globally deployed 5G use case It continues.

The 5G revolution has just begun. The 5th generation wireless technology has made a great leap in the data transmission speed and the new coding scheme of the current 4G standard. The data transfer rate of 5G personnel is about 10 times that of 4G, enabling large scale Internet (IoT), and furthermore it can connect any structure of society. According to business insider intelligence, investment in IoT from autonomous vehicles to smart thermostats and medical devices is expected to exceed $ 5 trillion over the next five years.

Join now the world leading companies with 150+ participants at “5G Congress” scheduled on May 2nd-3rd in Hamburg. This premier event will be also co-located with “Future eSim Conference“.